Yellowstone National Park to Jackson Hole


Photos from 7th June

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Mammoth Hot Springs

At Mammoth Hot Springs we walked onto the Terraces along the board walks to see the boiling mud and steam at close hand.

Mammoth Terraces

The whole mountain was full of bubbling pools and steaming rocks.

Mammoth Hot Springs

The scale of it all was huge and we only walked a part of it.


As we drove through Yellowstone Park there was always a river at hand, and fishermen trying to catch trout.

Old Faithfull

Another visit to Old Faithful and lots of steam from the geyser.


Another river view

Approaching Grand Tetons

As we approached Grant Teton National Park, the mountains became the focal point of our interest.

Moose and baby calf

The picture is not brilliant due to the distance, but the baby moose is clear in the middle right and to the left you can see the mother standing back to us with head turned to the right.

The Tetons across a meadow

Many splendid views such as this one, for mile after mile as we drove the length of Grand Teton NP.

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