Grand Teton to Logan


Photos from 9th June

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Gondola at Teton Village

From Teton Village, the mountain behind looks a long way away.

Top of Gondola Ride

At the top we just walked off into the snow. On the way down two of the passengers had hiked up the mountain.

Mountanin at Teton Village

 There is a cafe at the top so we drank hot chocolate. A couple of fellow travellers had skis and disappeared into the distance.

View from US89

The views along Route 89 were green and lush.

View from US89

Another view on Route 89, showing good farming land.

Bear Lake

At Bear Lake the weather threatened and the rain clouds gathered.

Strom clouds on Mountains

Looking ahead the prospects were even worse.

Riding the rapids

As we came off the mountains and approached Logan, we saw these canoes riding the rapids.

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