The Grand Canyon, Page, and Upper Antelope Canyon


Photos from 29th May

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Grand Canyon

Views along Desert View Drive were plentiful and these pictures are typical of the splendid vistas on show.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Watch Tower, Grand Canyon

The Watch Tower at the end of the Canyon can be climbed for views all the way back along the Canyon. Also a large gift shop and some art inside the tower.

Echo Cliffs View

This is the view from Echo Cliffs and you can see miles in a 180 degree panoramic view. The US89A can be seen below, on its way to the North Rim.

Upper Antelope Canyon

Whereas in Lower Antelope Canyon you walk down into the canyon at the entrance, here you have the canyon above you at the entrance.

Upper Antelope Canyon

The colours of the rocks are equally as good at both canyons. On the right, about half way up, you can see the cow pat that has descended from the top!

Upper Antelope Canyon


Upper Antelope Canyon

The light on the rocks changes, dependant on the time of day. Midday is probably the best time to view. Serious photographers were taking ages to snap the moment. I just pointed and clicked!

Glen Canyon Dam and Bridge

The Glen Canyon Dam and Bridge, taken from Page. We took a turn off the main highway, along Scenic View Drive and then a bit of a climb down to this viewpoint.

Colorado River, below Glen Canyon Dam

From the view of the Dam and Bridge, the other way gave this picture of the Colorado River.


Lake Powell

Looking at Lake Powell, the water levels had gone down from two years ago, and even more dramatically from five years ago, when we first visited.

Lake Powell 2002

The picture above was taken on our 2002 trip, on 14 May, and you can see the water levels were a lot higher then than this year.

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