Rocky Mountain National Park to Lusk


Photos from 2nd June

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Lake Granby

We were soon at Lake Granby, where nearby is the source of the Colorado River.

Coyote Valley Trailhead

Mountains beyond the meadows at Coyote Valley Trailhead.

Colorado River

Here the Colorado River is much more like a stream.

Rocky Mountain NP

The views within the Rocky Mountain National Park were just spectacular. They continued for mile after mile.

Snow levels at Rocky Mountain NP

The snow was still very much in evidence, as can be seen by this picture of Penny against the snow build up against the side of the road.

Rocky Mountain NP

Rocky Mountain NP

Sheep and elk at Sheep Lake

Big horn sheep and elk at Sheep Lake

Train near Lusk

The everlasting train, with over 125 trucks and 3 engines carrying coal, near Lusk.

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