The Great Salt Lake


Photos from 10th June

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Leaving Logan

As we left Logan, the clouds shrouded the mountain sides.

Causeway to Antelope Island

As you drive the causeway to Antelope Island, there is a strong smell of brine, with many sea birds along the causeway shore-line.

Causeway , Antelope Island

 Here is a picture of the causeway, stretching back to the mainland.

Antelope Island

The Island is quite large, but largely uninhabited, apart from bison herds, elk and other wildlife.

Bufallo at Antelope Island

The difference between a buffalo and a bison is that you cannot mix a pudding in a buffalo!

Ranch at Antelope Island

The Ranch has lots of old machinery, and in the barns are tractors. The house contains 1920 - 1940's memorabilia and furnishings. It is all like a ghost town; we did not see anyone in charge. At the right hand edge of the barn you can just see the washing hanging on the line in the garden!

Elk at Ranch

Penny snapped this elk, which was so tame it came within a few feet of her and pushed past a child to get to some water. It had absolutely no fear of humans.

This is The Place Park

Our bus trip stopped at This is The Place Park, where the Mormons first arrived at Salt Lake.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

The incredible Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This was one of the highlights of our holiday, made even better because it was not planned and only organized a few hours before we attended the concert. Although we paid the coach operator for the city tour, admission to see the Choir practising was free of charge.

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