Cody to Yellowstone National Park


Photos from 5th June

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Buffalo Bill Lake

The lake by the Buffalo Bill Dam

Shoshone River

We followed the Shoshone River towards Yellowstone and the mountains.


Approaching Yellowstone

Approaching Yellowstone and the mountains, with the snow line on the shore.


Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake is massive and with mountains behind gives opportunities for many scenic views.


Yellowstone Lake

Alongside the Lake we found hot springs, smoking with steaming sulphur.

Yellowstone Lake

Another view of the Lake

Elk at Yellowstone

An elk in a camping ground had no worries about nearby people.

Yellowstone NP

A typical river view in Yellowstone

Old Faithfull Geyser

Old Faithful blows every 60 or 90 minutes or so, and provides a show for the many tourists who wait sitting on benches for the next performance.

Firehole River

Nearby hot springs are accessible for viewing.

Grand Prismatic Spring

The smoke is choking and you can get up real close to the action. 

Waterfalls, Yellowstone

Rivers and waterfalls are plentiful.

Bison in Yellowstone

Bison herds graze alongside the river banks.

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