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Photos from 11th June

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Kolob Canyon, Zion

Kolob Canyon was small in length, but gave excellent views of the surrounding countryside. It was right next to Interstate 15, but easily missed as the cars sped past on the highway.

Kolob Canyon

We were now back into red rock country.  Lots of rock features at Kolob Canyon made it an interesting place to visit. We were only there about an hour or so.


Kolob Road, Zion

Then onto Kolob Road.

Kolob Road, Zion

Along the Kolob Road there were a few ranches, but the area is pretty isolated.

Larva Point view

Near the end of the Highway is a right turn to a track leading to Larva Point, which is a high vantage point from where Zion Canyon can be seen in the distance.

Kolob Road, Zion

A typical view along the Kolob Road.

Kolob Road, Zion

Interesting rock formations along the Kolob Road.

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