Zion National Park


Photos from 12th June

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Zion National Park

This picture shows the massive rocks, opposite Zion Lodge.

Zion NP

We drove towards the east side of Zion, and out of the Park through the famous tunnel towards Mount Carmel Highway. We then turned round and came back into the Park again.

Zion NP

The famous zig-zag road from the Tunnel going towards the Park.

Virgin River in Zion

Our walk to the Emerald Pool and along the canyon side started by crossing the Virgin River.

Emerald Pool Cliffs at Zion

At the Emerald Pool you stand under huge cliffs, with water running off their face (and on to yours!)

The Emerald Pool, Zion

The Lower Emerald Pool itself was no great shakes, but the cliffs above it made up for that.

Emerald Pool, Zion

Waterfall at Emerald Pool.

Emerald Pool, Zion

The size of the cliffs is shown against the people.

Tiny toad, Zion

Cactus flower, Zion

On the walk along the cliffs we saw a couple of tiny toads, on the rock alongside a pool. Also some of the cactus were flowering.

Zion NP

Glorious views abounded on our cliff side walk.

Zion Canyon

This lovely view up Zion Canyon can only be enjoyed from the cliff side.

Weeping Rock, Zion

Weeping Rock was a bit like the Emerald Pool.

Weeping Rock, Zion

Zion NP

The Virgin River in Zion Canyon.

The Great White Throne, Zion

The Great White Throne is nearly at the end of the Scenic Drive road. This is a very famous rock, which featured on a US postage stamp in the 1930's.

The Narrows, Zion

At the end of the road, there is a path along Riverside Walk, which continues for a mile or so, until it ends at the start of The Narrows. Above you can see people walking the river and into The Narrows.

Elk Park, Springdale

At Springdale an elk conservation farm by the roadside drew a lot of attention and you can buy a bag of food for $2 to feed the animals, who suddenly become very friendly!

The following day we drove out of Zion and back to Vegas, where we caught our plane back to the UK, arriving at Gatwick on the Monday morning.

Vegas Strip from Airport

Vegas Strip from the Airport lounge.

Flying home

A last glimpse of America, through the clouds.

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