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First sight of Aruba

On docking at Aruba, we could see the general landscape included hills which had probably been volcanic in the past. We visited Baby Beach, which is a very shallow bay and ideal for family bathing. Close by is the oil refinery, but the water seemed clear, with no pollution showing on the beach.

Baby Beach, Aruba

Baby Beach with Refinery in background

We drove to the northern coast, where the breakers rolled in to a rocky beach.

Northern coast, Aruba

A special feature along this coast which attracted tourists was a spectacular natural bridge. However the bridge collapsed last year, and is no more.

A top view of the collapsed natural bridge

The view from ground level looking seawards

However, as a consolation, there is a smaller natural bridge right alongside the collapsed one.

Natural Bridge at Aruba

We stopped at a huge rock formation in the middle of the island and of course we had to climb it, because it was there. Once at the top we had a special panoramic view of the whole island.

A rock to climb, Aruba

View of Aruba

We then drove to a lighthouse at the top of the island.

Lighthouse at Aruba

So what did we think of Aruba? Well we saw a lot, but it was a little bleak with a desert type soil and a lot of development on the south coast.

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