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The port of Willemstad at Curacao is so bright and distinctive, with the coloured painted buildings giving a cheerful and welcoming feeling to the town. The Queen Emma pontoon bridge across the harbour is the largest floating bridge in the world and opens to allow liners through to dock.

Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge

The pontoon bridge showing the floats on the water

Behind the pontoon bridge is a spectacular road bridge that crosses the water high in the sky.

Willemstad Inner Harbour and Road Bridge

We crossed the island by taxi, to visit a cave buried deep into the hillside. It was a lot of effort to climb up to the cave entrance, then down inside and up again, but an interesting visit. It was unusually hot inside the cave complex, whereas previous cave visits have been very cool inside.

Inside the cave with day light above

This picture below shows Willemstad from the ship as we left port and you may notice that the pontoon barrier is partly open to allow a boat through.

Leaving port

Willemstad has a fort and previous defences are demonstrated by this old cannon alongside the dock.

Willemstad defended

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