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Rogue Scenic Byway

From Bandon we took the Highway 42 across to Roseburg, then the 138 which was the North Umpqua-Upper Rogue River Scenic Byway. The road follows the Rogue River and has a host of waterfalls to view and walk to. Some of the views are very spectacular and the area is very wooded, as was most of our journey through Oregon and Northern California.

Rogue River Scenic Byway

A typical stretch of river.

One of the waterfalls

Sparkling waters and shimmering trees

So many rapids and waterfalls


Slow exposure

Normal exposure

The foaming waterfalls gave me a chance to try different exposures for the same scene, with dramatic results between this and the previous picture.

Waterfalls on the Rogue River


Diamond Lake

As we came off the Scenic Highway to visit Crater Lake we saw Diamond Lake. This was very popular and crowded, particularly as we were visiting it on Labor Day.

Crater Lake

 We then visited Crater Lake. The lake is so blue, it used to fool the people who processed films for Kodak! This view is three consecutive pictures I took, then stitched together to make one long picture. The lake is inside an extinct volcano basin and is 1,943 feet deep. It is an amazing place to visit and was one of the highlights of our holiday.

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

So why is Crater Lake so blue? Because it is so deep.
We then drove on to Ashland, Oregon, where we spent the night.

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