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General Grant Tree, Kings Canyon

From Bass Lake we drove down to Fresno and then picked up Route 180, Kings Canyon Scenic Byway, which took us first to Grant Grove, where we again walked to the General Grant tree. The General Grant Tree is over 267 ft tall, 40 ft across its base and over 107 ft around. Estimates of its age range from 1500 to 2000 years old.

Grant Grove, Kings Canyon

Grant Grove, Kings Canyon

Grant Grove, Kings Canyon

Squirrel at Grant Grove

Kings Canyon

Then, on the road to Cedar Grove, Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon.

Kings Canyon

We stopped at Roaring River Falls to view one of the prettiest places in the world.

Roaring River Falls, Kings Canyon

What a place! A cascading waterfall and a clear emerald green lake. So peaceful, so idyllic.

Near Roaring River Falls, Kings Canyon

Zumwalt Meadows, Kings Canyon

We met a man at Roaring River Falls who had just seen a mother brown bear with two cubs on a walk around the Zumwalt Meadows. They were a bit close for comfort, but he got a super photo on his camera. We did a bit of the walk, but we did not see any bears. Probably just as well. Time and nerve were running out, so we got back to the car and started our onward journey.

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon

Looking back at Kings Canyon

We spent so much time at Kings Canyon we had to rush through the rest of Sequoia National Park, and did not stop to see the General Sherman Tree, supposedly the biggest tree in the world. There were some extensive roadworks to navigate, before we got to our hotel in Exeter, CA.

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