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Redwood NP

We followed Route 1 from Eureka and stopped at the Visitor Center of the Redwood National Park, to decide which parts of the park to visit. We agreed to first go to the nearby Ladybird Johnson Grove, where giant Redwood trees grow in abundance.

A Giant Redwood Tree

The trees are massive and some of the largest in the USA.

A burnt out or dead tree

Brilliant blue skies and trees everywhere!

Huge gnarled trunks and roots.

Walks are provided through the grove

Redwood trees

Redwood trees


We then moved on to our second place of the day to visit. This was to Fern Canyon in nearby Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. This involved an 8 mile trip (16 miles return) along an unpaved track, which was not that easy a drive in our hire car. We drove through forest for 6 miles to the beach, then 2 miles along a coast "road". It was along the latter part of the road we spied this elk, grazing in the brushwood alongside the road.

Fern Canyon

Fern Canyon was somewhat unusual, being a slot canyon with bright green ferns growing along the sides and up to the top. A stream trickled through the canyon, fed by water permeating through the rocks, somewhat similar to Zion Canyon in Utah.

Fern Canyon

Logs on the Beach

At the beach area of Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park there were hundreds of dead logs, probably Redwoods, just lying there from a previous era.

Route 1 coast and mist

 Back on Route 1, another misty day prevented us from viewing the sea. There was a wall of dark fog, which sat to the west. either on the coastline or half a mile off the coast and it was going nowhere.

Foggy coast

Above the clouds

The road sometimes rose above the fog, causing unreal images. We stayed overnight at Bandon in Oregon.

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