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Chrysler Sebring Hire Car

We left San Fancisco early and drove our hire car across the Golden Gate Bridge. At the other side of the Bridge was a vista point to look back, at what was a very misty morning. We had hired a Chrysler Sebring car, which was ideal for the two of us, and great when the hood was down! We were two of the oldest swingers around! This picture shows the car fairly clean. By the end of our trip and some 2,300 miles later, it was covered in dust and the remains of dead insects.

San Francisco Bay

From our viewpoint we could see the layers of mist around the Bay and the sun trying to burn off the fog.

Morning light in San Francisco Bay

The view just got better and better.

A misty Golden Gate Bridge

As we looked back towards San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge was shrouded in the mist.

Beach off Route 1

Then we took Route 1, along a twisty, hilly and misty road, stopping for breakfast in a good cafe and visiting the nearby beach.

Coast along Route 1

The coast along Route 1

The coast along Route 1

There was a wall of fog along the coast, whereas just a few hundred yards inland we had bright sunshine. We noticed the many rocks along the shoreline, which was a feature all the length of the coast.

The mist rolls along the coast.

Sun meets fog

A more sunny coast on Route 1

As the day progressed the sun began to burn off the mist. By the time we reached Fort Bragg the sun was begining to win! But it was well past lunchtime and we were only half way to our evening stopping point at Eureka.

A very sunny coast

Sunset at Eureka

We were glad to get to Eureka, before the sun set.

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