Norwegian Sun


Photos from 11th May

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Norwegian Sun

This was our first view of the Norwegian Sun. The ship has a tonnage of 78,106, is 853 feet long, with a width of 105 feet. As liners go, she is fairly large - the old Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary were around 82,000 tons. .

Norwegian Sun, Top Deck

The ship is modern and well appointed. It has an air of spaciousness, so there was no change of being claustrophobic on board.

Norwegian Sun, Swimming Pool area

A live band and barbecue on the top deck, near the swimming pool, provided a further option for lunch.

Emergency Drill

Emergency drill was compulsory, as we sailed out of the dock.

US Customs launch

This Customs launch accompanied us out of port. Note the armoury on board.

There are full internet facilities on board, including an Internet Cafe, where there is 24 hour access.

The picture opposite is of our first sunset on board.


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