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We left our hotel early on Saturday morning and drove the short distance to the Everglades National Park.

We stopped at Mahogany Hammock and explored the board-walk, through the mangroves and mahogany trees. On arrival at the car park we noticed mosquitos around the car, so we sprayed ourselves with jungle spray. We decided to get out of the car quickly, before we choked to death on the spray that filled the air!!! During our time at the Everglades we did not have any real problems with mosquitos, as they had all congregated at our first stop!! We visited Nine Mile Pond, seeing a number of birds on the pond and a couple of alligators, one right by the water's edge. We drove the road to the end at Flamingo, on Florida Bay and pulled into Eco Pond, where we saw flocks of white storks and an alligator close to the boar-walk viewing point. A National Park Ranger was there to point out the different wild life at the pond. There is very little else of interest at Flamingo, apart from a marine store and the sea.

On the way back, we stopped at the Pa-hay-okee Overlook with a 1/4 mile board-walk and panoramic view of the "River of Grass". The Everglades do not have the scenic beauty of the Western National Parks, but are teeming with wildlife.

Alligator at The Everglades National Park

 This alligator was right by the walk at Royal Palm and was so still you could easily think he was a plastic model!! We did, but he wasn't.

At the Royal Palm stop the Anhinga Trail was excellent, with a half mile long board-walk trail. We saw alligators close up, turtles and a host of birds. If you visit the Everglades, make sure you stop here! Also at Royal Palm, the Gumbo Limbo Trail took us through a densely wooded area of hardwood hammock.

We then returned back to Homestead and took Route 1 Southbound down the Florida Keys, to our rented house at Marathon.

View Pictures of Everglades National Park