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This page is full of various items, such as hobbies, software, and interesting web sites found to date.

We have two children, both now grown up, and four wonderful grandchildren. But we decided to take any pictures off the Internet, which is a shame, but probably for the best.

The dog

LucyWe couldn't possibly have a web site without a mention of our dogs. We had GSD's for 37 years and consider them gentle, affectionate, loyal and intelligent. Lucy, who reached  13 could however be a real pain when she met a dog she didn't know. She made a terrible show of barking and aggression, but usually backed away if challenged. We tried everything, but could not get her to be sociable with her own kind, although she was great with people, and especially children. Her own unique speciality was that when we went for walks she picked up and carried two stones in her mouth at the same time. See the picture with the smaller stone above the large one!!

Lucy carrying two stones in her mouth!

Lucy was short haired and jet black, thus the name Black Lucy Fur!

Lucy, aged 10

Lucy aged 13, November 2007

Sadly, Lucy left this world on 31st March 2008.  We miss her.

But now we have a Labradoodle

But good news, we collected our new puppy Maisy, on  2nd November 2008.maisymay

First day home

Maisy, having a cuddle

The picture below is Amy, our previous long-haired GSD, who had no faults whatsoever.

About all of our dogs

See all of our dogs by hovering your mouse on the names below.  Click on a name to read about each dog.

Hover on the named link to see picture and click to read details.

Read more about the lives all of our dogs on this link.


See lots more pictures of the New ForestWe have a number of interests, including walking the local New Forest near where we live. Link to Forest Scenes. Penny is keen on garden and house design, art and wild-life. John likes photography and takes video films of family, weddings and holidays. We are keen on travel, but this is a luxury.

web page 5.0 Construction Kit, program Web Express 3.0, to create our own web pages. As it cost less than £25, it was terrific value. It was fairly straight-forward, and we are pleased with the results. All pages on this site are created in Web Express. Link to This has an excellent problems forum and enables the novice to pick up some great ideas. My site is updated most days, usually with Thought of the Day, but also with little subtle changes and hopefully improvements. If you are thinking of developing your own site, then I thoroughly recommend Web Express, now available in version 4.

Favourite websites exhibits breathtaking photos of wild-life, like this tiger in the snow.See lots more fabulous pics at the Andy Rouse Website Andy Rouse is a professional photographer, with a TV series on Channel 5. He seems to be a really great guy as well, with a warped sense of humour - he supports West Ham! Penny found this site from a birthday card picture of a Grizzly Bear. A wide range of subjects, including polar bears, hares, owls and elephants. is the handywork of my cousin George, who is in the music business. This site also gives a number of pictures of our family history. Thanks also to George for support and help in the early development of our site. is a site run by Laura, containing Pool and Lake Menu Applets, and I have used some of these effects on this site, thanks to her help and encouragement. She has many great pictures, enhanced by the Pool and Lake effects.


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