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This picture taken by Penny on her mobile phone

There are many different toadstools and mushrooms in the New Forest.  Generally red ones are poisoness.

Fungi are very fast growing, and appear virtually overnight.

Most species are found in the Autumn, when the New Forest is at it's best.

We have not identified any of these New Forest fungi, so anyone who is an expert is welcome to get in touch.

This is what most people would immediatley identify as a mushroom.  This one is on New Forest heathland.

Mushrooms are so common in the New Forest, that any visitor to the Forest in October would easily find many species.

This fungus looks awful.

Many New Forest fungi grow from tree branches, often ones that have fallen from the tree.

There are plenty of the traditional red toadstools in the New Forest, but we haven't seen any elves or gnomes around.

The colours and patterns of each mushroom or toadstool are splendid and give each example a wonderful individuality.

Generally, you will find similar fungi growing together.

This New Forest fungi is particularly ugly.

By the side of a New Foreat walk.

Classic looking red toadstool in the New Forest.

This species grows from the tree branch and is large in size.

Another species found on a New Forest heath.

Is this a mushroom or a toadstool?

This one has an attractive pattern.  Often an individual fungus is not there the next day, due to people taking them and animals eating them.

It is possible to see 20 or more species on one half hour walk.

Not very appetising!

Every one is different - every one amazing.

Branch feeding fungis, growing in the middle of the New Forest.

Fungi growing from a fallen tree.

This parasol shaped mushroom is growing on newly mown heathland, where recently ferns grew.

A mushroom fights for space amongst the New Forest heather on the heathland.

A multitude of tiny fungi feeding off the tree.

This picture and some of the others above taken by Penny's Nokia N73 mobile phone, which has 5 megapixels resolution.

This fungi would not look out of place under the sea!

Sunny side up!!!!

Could be carved out of wood.

All of these pictures have been taken while walking the dog.  No special efforts to locate them - they are just alongside the paths to see.

A good example of New Forest fungi growing out of fallen wood.

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