Photos from 13th May

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Approaching Juneau

Wonderful moody moments.

Tug boat and barge

Juneau is not accessible by road, only by air or sea. Tug boats and barges like these bring most items to the ports in Alaska.

Waterfalls near Juneau

Spectacular waterfalls like this one were along the coastline as we approached Juneau.

Cruise Ships berthed at Juneau

As we approached Juneau we saw other cruise ships already berthed in the port, including the Norwegian Sky, the sister ship of our ship, the Norwegian Sun.

Norwegian Sun behind Norwegian Sky

Once we had berthed, we disembarked by tender. This picture shows the Norwegian Sun in the harbour, behind the Norwegian Sky, at Juneau.

Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau

The Glacier was across the lake at Mendenhall.

Whale watching trip, Juneau

Our whale watching trip was excellent, you can see a whale in the picture below, on the left hand side. OK, so it could be a log, but it was a whale, honest!!!

Whale watching trip, Juneau

Whale watching trip, Juneau

Whale watching

Pictures from my video got in real close.

Whale watching

But if you blinked, you missed it!

Niight falls over the Sky and the Sun



<<< Norwegian Sky and Sun at night.



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