Ben and Maisy

Let's have a ball!


Watch the Video of Maisy with the ball

Boo and Maisy

Bentley, Boo and Maisy

Hey Daddy - I love you so much !!

Maisy in the snow

I always wanted to be a Bearded Doodle!

I have passed my puppy training!

Today I went to beach with lots of other doodles.

Another day,  a walk in the New Forest

There's a treat here somewhere.

Then a swim

But nobody taught me how to swim!

And I need a bit of help getting out.

And we did another Doodle walk today!

I always watch the Cesar Millan Show!

I really am a Labrapuddle!

Look at that tiny worm!

F1 Labradoodle watches F1 Racing!

Found some brackish water, then he put me on the lead.  Too late!

And I went on another Labradoodle walk today!

This is my friend Scrumpy

And these are my friends Parker and Fudge - Fudge is the silly one!

There's a crocodile in the water!

My Weekend at Hereford chasing Poppy

Today we went to the Dog Fun Day

Me and my Gang.

Another Doodle Walk on 16th August 2009

It's my Birthday and it took me 15 minutes to get the stuffing out of my new toy!

And Mum's friend Mia made me this fab Birthday cake!

And I met all my friends on my Birthday.

Labradoodle walk at Studland Bay

Just had my hair cut, on a windy day.

This is a picture of Maisy, by Jessica, aged 13

Same picture, but polarised.

 Beware your dreams come true.  I just said it must be nice having short hair like Misty.

 Before and after the hair cut!

Tug of War with Ruby

And I won!!!

I am going to kill that Ruby !!

Only joking !!!!!

It's raining out there and I want a walk!

I went to the Groomers!  Poor me.