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More Pictures of the New Forest

New Forest Oak

Autumn sun

Late afternoon shadows

Forest glade

Broken tree

The begining of Autumn


Autumn leaves

Road to Boldrewood, Emery Down

Boldrewood Road, Emery Down

In the bleak mid-winter

Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst

White deer are more common than most people think.  I could see one most days.

Sometimes they will let you get fairly close - other times they spook as soon as they see you.

This magnificent stag did not stay around long.

Lyndhurst from Beaulieu Road

A pony shares space with deer, picture taken from roadside.

A walk across the heathland

White deer in snow at Boldrewood

Cricket Pavillion, Bolton's Bench and Lyndhust Church

Autumn near Denny Wood

Autumn Matley Woods

Autumn in Matley Woods

Sunset near Boltons Bench

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