City of Seattle, Space Needle, Bainbridge Island


Photos from 10th May

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Space Needle, Seattle

The Space Needle allows the visitor to view the entire city. However, it is not nearly as impressive as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, nor the John Hancock Building in Boston. Nevertheless, it is worth a visit.

View of Seattle from Space Needle

View of Seattle from top of Space Needle.

Tugs in Seattle Harbour

The tugs in the harbour had their horns blowing, as they jockeyed for positions at the start of their race, as we passed them on our way to Bainbridge Island.


Our visit to Bainbridge Island comprised of a walk around the port of and then we sat by the waterside, looking at the vast number of private yachts moored nearby, with houses on the opposite bank you would die to own! It reminded me of the Beaulieu River, near where we live.

Bainbridge Island

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