Photos from 14th May

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Norwegian Sun at Ketchkan

Waterfall at Ketchkan

On our way to the Glacier, the catamaran paused to view the spectacular waterfall on the coast.

Catamaran at Glacier Point Beach

The catamaran off-loading us onto the beach at Glacier Point.

Beach at Glacier Point, looking towards the Davidson Glacier

From the beach, we could see the Davison Glacier in the distance..

Canoe at Davidson Glacier

Canoe on lake.

Daviidson Glacier

You can see the icebergs, floating in the water, with the Gacier behind. The water is freshwater, being a lake formed by the melting water of the glacier.

Canoe at Davidson Glacier

The canoes drifted right up to the edge of the glacier.

Seals on rocks

We stopped at the appropriately named Seal Rock on the way back.

Snow plough of White Pass Railroad

This magnificent engine with snow-plough is in the town of Skagway.

White Pass Railway

Three engines pulled us out of Skagway, on the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway, to a height of nearly 3,000 feet.

Top of White Pass Summit

At the top of White Pass Summit, the train stopped, the engines swopped to the other end of the train and we returned back down the mountain.

View from White Pass Railway

We had many splendid views, including this mountain.

The Port of Skagway

The Port of Skagway.

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