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Guided Kayak Trip and Wild Dolphin Encounter

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Kayak Trip

On Tuesday we had a full day on this pre-booked trip. We drove to Key West and arrived at Stock Island well before the 9.15 am starting time, to commence our journey around the nearby mangrove islands. The water was very shallow and although we had no experience of kayaking, we splashed around and just about kept up with the other participants. By the time our excursion was nearly over, some two and a half hours later, we had just about discovered how to steer our kayak properly! The trip was very enjoyable and we stopped at several islands and were shown sea wildlife that our guide took from the water. On the way back we passed through a narrow channel, overgrown with mangroves and one of our party overturned her kayak and it took a while to get her back into the kayak and on her way again.

Amazing speed from Amazing Grace

We then drove a mile or so to the Oceanside Marina and boarded our boat for the afternoon trip, which was searching for wild dolphins. Our captain was a lady called Sheri, and she provided an entertaining afternoon for us in her boat. We were soon in Florida Bay, having driven under the US 1 road bridge and the old rail bridge. We managed to get close to four or five dolphins and spent time following their movements. We were told that the previous week there had been dozens of them around, but at least we did get to see some. We then anchored up and the other three members of our trip spend half an hour or so snorkeling on the reef. We then had an extremely fast and bumpy ride back to port. It was a great day out. Captain Sheri has a web site at

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