Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge, Antelope Canyon, Navajo Bridge, North Rim


Photos from 15 May

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Glen Canyon Dam and Road Bridge from Lake Powell

Navajo Rock

Rainbow Bridge

This is the world's largest natural bridge, spanning 275 feet, and 290 feet high.

Dried up lake bed, leading to Bridge

Although you can walk up close to the Bridge, you are asked not to go on it or under it, as it holds special religious significance to the Indian peoples.

The long walk back to the boat, over the pontoons.

The Lake has been well stocked with fish, and they seemed plentiful around the marinas.

Lower Antelope Canyon

Although slot canyons are very beautiful, they can be deadly when flooded. Flash floods can be caused by rain several miles away draining into the canyon. In August 1997 a flash flood killed 11 people at Lower Antelope Canyon, with the bodies of two of them never being recovered..

In 2004 we also visited Upper Antelope Canyon.

The two Navajo Bridges.

Vermillion Cliffs

Wild turkeys on approach to North Rim.

Sunset over North Rim, Grand Canyon.


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