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Bed and Breakfast Lyndhurst

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Turn off the Beaulieu Road, at Boltons Bench, past the war memorial and up to the very top car park, overlooking the Cemetery. Park your car and walk past the barrier and up the slope along the wide gravel track. Look back to see the sand dunes, the cricket pavilion and Lyndhurst Church in the distance. (You could of course start this walk from Lyndhurst village.)

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 From the top of the heath you can see Fawley Oil Refinery chimneys, on the horizon straight ahead. To the left you can see Southampton in the far distance. The grass and heathland has gorse bushes, which somehow the New Forest ponies manage to eat and digest. Follow this path along for a mile or so, and you notice it gets very sandy underfoot.

As you walk along this path, views ahead to the left and behind the gorse are worth seeing, towards Southampton.

Turn left down a wide grassy and sandy track, across the open heath and towards the trees at the bottom. Follow this track for another mile or so, until you reach a bridge over a small stream.

Do not cross the bridge, but turn left, along the wide grassway, towards the trees. Bear right and cross the next bridge you reach, then take the left track, across the heath and towards the woods ahead. Bear right along the track and into the woods.



Follow the pathway through the woods, for about half a mile. When you arrive at the other end of the trees and out of the wood, follow the track left towards more heathland.

Follow this track along and it will lead you back, across heathland to the car park where you started.


As you approach the car park you are at the dead centre of Lyndhurst - the Cemetery.

This walk takes around the hour and requires stout shoes in summer and boots in winter.

It contains splendid views across the heath, looking eastwards towards Southampton and the Solent.

Look out for rabbits on this walk - there are plenty on all the heaths in the New Forest.

Walk 1 2 3 4 5